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Hug Your Head Foundation, INC. (HYH) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization which grew out of our personal journey and the amazing work of two Arizona-based medical organizations. Our mission is to raise awareness about Traumatic Brain Injuries, improve the quality of life, and build a supportive community for those affected by TBIs – survivors, family members, caregivers, and friends.

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We are dedicated to building a community by offering wellness classes, mentoring sessions, and support groups as well as funding research for traumatic brain injuries and raising public awareness of this silent epidemic. We ask for your support in this effort by donating or becoming a Member of our organization.


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Give back and help survivors heal

A traumatic brain injury can impact many aspects of life including physical health, cognitive functioning, psychological well-being, as well as social interactions. In order to help survivors heal, we provide much needed resources such as information and education about brain injury recovery, consultations specializing in TBI recovery, family member support groups, and community outreach programs that help survivors and family find their way back into the world.

Take care of your brain health

Brain injuries can be caused by many things such as car accidents, contact sports, falls, firearms, and much more. Your brain needs you to take care of it so that it will be healthy for you throughout your life.

Our mantra is “Hug Your Head…Love Your Helmet.”

From Survivor to Advocate…

My name is Lukas Karlsson and I am a TBI survivor. The idea of this foundation began in 2016 by my mother, Mary Riordan-Karlsson, shortly after my motorcycle accident which left me in a coma. While in a coma my mother and my sister started building a site on squarespace to share their stories and provide support to others. Their work began to really take off during my recovery, unfortunately, they did not have the time between work and taking care of the family to continue building this foundation.

During Coronavirus I began working on the site and moved over to WordPress. I will take what my mother and sister began and see it grow! Our goal is to help many other TBI survivors and the their families and create a supportive community. This site will continue to evolve with updates on news regarding Traumatic Brain Injuries, Support groups, Motivational Speaking opportunities, and partnerships that are formed while we grow!

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Lukas Karlsson, Founder and Executive Director

Elizabeth Karlsson, Director

Cave Creek, AZ 85331
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