Sibling Support Group

Welcome to our Sibling Support Group! My name is Elizabeth Karlsson and I am the younger sister of TBI Survivor, Lukas Karlsson – together we founded Hug Your Head Foundation, Inc. to educate others. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and build a support community for survivors and family members affected by traumatic brain injury; additionally, raise awareness and increase the knowledge of its members and the public about the importance of protecting the head from injury. We hope to educate children and encourage adults to wear helmets (fyi…In Arizona, only those motorcycle operators and riders under 18 must wear a helmet.)  

We are here to provide information and ideas for siblings as they travel this journey with their brother or sister. The road to recovery can be long, so we want you to be prepared for all of the changes to the family and to our lives.  Lukas and I have always been best friends our whole lives – our relationship became more special during his recovery and healing journey.

Please join us for our virtual Sibling Support Groups or contact us with any direct questions:

October 14 @ 4pm-5pm (Arizona time)

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November 25 @ 4pm-5pm (Arizona time)

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Speaking to the Notre Dame Prep Varsity Girls Lacrosse Team about mild TBIs (concussions)