1:1 Parents Coaching Service


The 1:1 Parents Coaching Service from Hug Your Head Foundation, INC. offers personalized support for parents navigating the complex journey of their child’s TBI recovery. Our experienced coaches provide guidance on understanding TBI, navigating medical decisions, emotional support strategies, and advocacy. Empower yourself with knowledge and support—contact us today to schedule your first session.



As a parent of a TBI survivor, the journey toward recovery can be incredibly challenging. You might find yourself lost amidst unfamiliar medical terms, therapy options, and dealing with the emotional aftermath. To support you in these testing times, we at Hug Your Head Foundation, INC. have developed our 1:1 Parents Coaching Service.

This personalized service aims to guide you through the intricacies of TBI, helping you provide the best possible support to your child. Our coaches, well-versed in TBI-related issues, can provide insights on medical decisions, therapy choices, and emotional support strategies.

Our 1:1 Parents Coaching Service incorporates a variety of areas, including understanding TBI, navigating medical care, emotional guidance, and advocacy. We base our coaching on robust research, using proven methods to help you feel empowered and capable.

If your child has experienced a TBI and you feel overwhelmed by the recovery process, our 1:1 Parents Coaching Service can offer the support you need. Contact us today to schedule your first coaching session.


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