We are family!

by Elizabeth Karlsson

Five years ago this month our lives changed forever! I have learned many things in the past five years, most importantly, it takes a family to recover from a TBI. Lukas worked really hard each step of the way and the support and motivation from family and friends was incredibly important. He really appreciated everyone’s support (phone calls, texts, emails, etc…) and good wishes. I was right by his side throughout his recovery along with our dogs! As a family we prayed and we helped Lukas regain his memory, his speech, and his life!

One of the best ways to support your sibling is by playing some card games or board games, watching a movie together, and if you have dogs – maybe go for a walk. Start out simple and build each day or week. Most importantly, be positive! Always remember to “Hug your head…Love your helmet!”

Mother’s Day, May, 2017

Arizona Junior Olympics, February, 2017
Lukas’s 20th Birthday – February 10, 20217

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