Do you believe in miracles?

by Elizabeth Karlsson

Do you believe in miracles? I do! I witness a miracle every minute I spend with Lukas. Five years ago today (10/14/16) an old lady t-boned Lukas on his motorcycle on his way to school in Flagstaff which landed him in a coma. He suffered multiple physical injuries including a traumatic brain injury (TBI). He has had a “remarkable recovery” according to his neurologist! It must have been a really bad accident considering the policeman at the scene of his accident did not think he would make it and was really relieved when my mom spoke with him a few days later to give him an update. The policeman told her he was praying for Lukas along with so many other family and friends. I know the power of prayer. I felt it each day during his recovery. More importantly, Lukas felt it and appreciates all of the prayers and good thoughts that lifted him up. We never lost hope – and neither did Lukas. He is a survivor! God is so good! God performs miracles every day and Lukas is OUR miracle!

Lukas in a coma – October 14, 2016
Five years later…Lukas is our miracle!

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